The range of courses offered through LAMDA is diverse from Shakespeare to Modern Musical Theatre. Our Experienced LAMDA teachers work on a 121 basis with students from ages 6-18+yrs to help develop confidence and communication skills as well as learning in depth about your chosen subject. Exams are not compulsory. If you decide you would just like to work on the techniques LAMDA offers without taking the exams that is absoutley fine. If you commit to working towards the exams this will give you the opportunity to gain qualifications and points to put towards UCAS applications.

Why study LAMDA?

  • Increases confidence.
  • Challenges and develops an individual’s communication abilities.
  • Enhances creative skills.
  • Enhances performance skills and prepares you for Auditions and interviews.
  • LAMDA Exams can give you additional UCAS points when you study at a higher level.
  • Improves diction and pronunciation.
  • Enhances confidence for public speaking.

• Payments weekly for half an hour for 121 classes £12.50 or for an hour £25.00.

If you book a Block payments (10 sessions) you receive a 10% Discount on the fees

Exam fees: Range from £30 to £80 as an additional cost to the 121 classes.

The exams vary in length and challenge from Introductory levels to more
advanced Grade 8 Level Qualifications where you gain UCAS points

Exams we offer

  • Public Speaking
  • Acting
  • Speaking Verse and Prose
  • Shakespeare

 TO SIGN UP: Please contact the Activate Team for a FREE consultation and to gain further information about the LAMDA process and exams we offer. Alternatively complete the Booking form via the link below and a member of the Team will be in touch within 24hrs to arrange a consultation and a good time for your weekly session.

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