Shooting Stars

12 to 18 yrs

Shooting Stars classes are more advanced and challenge the students in every aspect of performance. 

The Shooting stars have the opportunity to participate in:  

  • Writing, creating and devising their own plays
  • Explore Acting to camera
  • Audition for principal parts for the large scale productions, that we perform in well known Theatres and venues throughout the North East 
  • Work on improvisation and Audition techniques
  • Opportunity to increase their singing ability by exploring the range of their voice, advanced warm up and vocal techniques and the chance to learn an array of current pop songs as well as their most loved musical numbers
  • Dance technique and skill increased with our experienced Dance teachers and Choreographers. We look at individuals potential and encourage them to try all aspects of performance but also encourage growth in the areas of performing arts that they enjoy the most.
  • The classes also increase communication and social & public speaking skills

Shooting stars class: Saturday: 1.30-4.30pm at North Durham Academy, Stanley, DH9 0TW